Vaughn Next Century Learning Center

School District
Conversion Charter Campus, LAUSD

Product Details
Single Story, 3-classroom STEAM Pod

4,300 Square Feet

Kit Install
6 Weeks 

HMC Architects and Del Amo Construction

How do we teach kids the skills they’ll need to compete in the global workplace?

Through classrooms that inspire creativity and collaboration. The Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in Pacoima, CA has the right recipe. All new classroom buildings on campus are designed to accommodate STEAM curricula (“STEM” with the added “A” for the Arts) to encourage project-based learning and team-based inquiry. At 4,320 square feet, the Project Frog building houses three 1,440 square feet STEAM classrooms, each equipped with three sinks, and Project Frog's Lantana LED lighting and ‘Bright Wall’ unit: media and storage cabinetry featuring a 70 inch flat screen TV, bookshelves and IT cabinet concealed behind three sliding whiteboards. Vaughn is a repeat Frog customer and the first LAUSD campus to convert to a public charter school.

The STEAM pod represents a new wave of curriculum delivery at the school, cycling four middle school cohorts through three oversized classrooms designed for project-based learning.

"Project Frog’s healthy classrooms are a critical piece of Vaughn’s STEAM learning program and a source of pride for my students, teachers and community... My team of Froggies are among the best and brightest professionals in the business."
Dr. Yvonne Chan, Principal


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