American High School

School District

Fremont Unified School District

Product Details

2 two-story buildings with science and lab furniture, finishes, and equipment. 


35,000 Square Feet


SVA Architects and Rodan Builders

With the completion of the eighteen classrooms built at American High School, Project Frog has furnished Fremont Unified School District with 50 additional classrooms and science labs. The project at American features a cloistered campus composition using Project Frog's 2-story buildings with exterior and interior circulation. The classrooms include general use and upper school science labs with fume hoods and extensive glazing, including upper floor clerestories.

The buildings were built by the project team of SVA Architects and Rodan Builders, with Roebbelen and Vanir Construction Management as site and bond managers respectively. This represents the 4th campus project for the district for the SVA, Rodan, and Project Frog.   

"The new classrooms are a bright and welcoming environment for student learning"
Steve Musto, Principal, American High School


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